유동주 / Dongju Brandon Yu

유동주는 20대에 중국, 필리핀, 몽골, 러시아, 태국 개발도상국가를 다니며 개발과 환경문제와 관련된 다양한 이슈를 현장에서 접하게 됩니다. 유엔, 국제NGO, 정부기관 소속으로 필드를 누비던 그는 2008 로타리 세계 평화 펠로우로 선정되어 세계 각지에서 선발된 젊은이들과 평화와 갈등 해소를 위한 다양한 활동을 하게 됩니다. 미국 유학시절 Duke University 국제개발정책대학원 학생회장을 역임하였으며, 저서로는 2 6개월 동안의 몽골 활동 몽골의 문제에 대해 작업한 ‘Water for Mongolia’ 있습니다. 한국으로 돌아와 Private Sector 경험하고자 3 4개월간 현대자동차 기획실 경영전략팀에서 근무하였으며, 이후 2014 소셜벤처 주식회사 케이오에이를 설립하여 대표로 활동하고 있습니다.

Dongju Brandon Yu spent his twenties in developing countries experiencing firsthand various development and environmental issues. He has worked in China, the Philippines, Mongolia, Russia, and Thailand. Selected as a Rotary World Peace Fellow in 2008 after an extensive field career with the UN, international nonprofits, and government agencies, he was involved in a diverse set of activities to promote peace and resolve conflict with other young leaders from all corners of the world. Dongju was student council president during his time at Duke University’s School of International Development Policy, and is the author of “Water for Mongolia,” a work that harnesses his insight on Mongolia’s water issue from his 3 years of field experience in the country. To gain private sector experience after his return to Korea, he spent 3 years and 4 months at Hyundai Motor Company’s planning division, first in the environmental policy team and later its management strategy team. In September 2014, he founded the impact business corporation K.O.A Co., Ltd. and currently serves as its CEO.