김주진 / Joojin Kim

김주진 대표는 대한변호사협회  미국 일리노이주 변호사협회에 등록되어 있는 변호사로최근까지 & 법률사무소에서 에너지  환경 관련 업무를 해왔고미국 환경단체인 Environmental Defense Fund에서도 근무했습니다김주진 대표는 대통령직속 녹색성장위원회의 자문변호사였고온실가스종합정보센터의 명세서공개심사위원회 위원으로도 활동하고 있습니다김주진 대표는 서울대학교 외교학과  같은 대학교 환경대학원(석사) 졸업했으며미국 조지타운대학교에서 환경법 석사학위(Environmental Law LL.M.) 취득했습니다.

Joojin serves as Managing Director of SFOC and is an attorney-at-law admitted to the Korean and Illinois bars. Until recently, he has worked for Kim & Chang, Korea’s largest law firm, mainly working on climate or energy related projects with financial institutions or utilities. Joojin has over fifteen years’ experience with climate and environment, including experience serving as Legal Advisor to the Presidential Committee on Green Growth and as commissioner of the Greenhouse Gas Statement Disclosure Review Committee established under the Prime Minister’s Office. During his career, Joojin also worked at the Environmental Defense Fund, one of the world’s largest environmental non-profits, and the Korean Ministry of Environment. Joojin received his Environmental Law LL.M. from Georgetown University Law Center and is a graduate of the Graduate School of Environmental Studies at Seoul National University.